Health Institution "4th City Clinical Hospital named after M.J. Saŭčanka" is on the list of research bases, which are authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus to conduct clinical trials of drugs, as well as included in the Uniform Register of authorized organizations of the Eurasian Economic Union, carrying out research (tests) of medical devices for the purpose of registration.

Scientific and practical potential, and diagnostic and treatment capabilities of Health Institution "4th City Clinical Hospital named after M.J. Saŭčanka" fully comply with the requirements of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).


Modern multidisciplinary complex to provide around the clock emergency and planned care to the population, carrying out diagnosis and treatment of diseases of various fields of medicine:

  1. anesthesiology and resuscitation
  2. cardiology
  3. nephrology, including hemodialysis
  4. otorhinolaryngology
  5. pulmonology
  6. urology
  7. surgery (general, vascular, plastic).

The latest high-tech material and technical base.

Highly qualified staff with many years of experience in clinical work and clinical trials, including international multicentre.

The regulation of clinical trials on the basis of socially dangerous situation.

Ensuring compliance with all requirements for storage and turnover in the clinic of researched medicines and medical products.

Ensuring compliance with the conditions of archiving and conditions of archival storage of clinical research documents.

Formed volunteer registry for clinical trials of medicinal products, including Ⅰ phase and bioequivalences research, and medical articles on healthy people.

Comfortable conditions for patients and volunteers at the clinic.

Providing technically equipped with all the necessary jobs to specialist in monitoring and auditing in clinical trials.


  1. Certificate ISO 9001. This is to confirm that the quality management systems are implemented in the clinic and used in accordance with established standards.
  2. A unique base for clinical research in many fields of medicine.
  3. Experience in all phases of medicines research, including research of bioequivalences, and medical products.
  4. The work of the Ethics Committee, the structure and activity of which meet the requirements of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).
  5. Highly qualified staff, trained in the rules for conducting clinical trials of medicinal products in accordance with the requirements of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).
  6. Experience with electronic CRF in Russian and English languages.
  7. High motivation of the research team.


Deputy chief physician at the medical unit

Hunič Siarhiej: tel. + 375-17-208-95-81

Fax: + 375-17-208-95-74


Physician clinical pharmacologist

Hamalij Natallia tel. + 375-29-123-78-91