The cooperation of the Primary Trade Union Organization of the healthcare institution "4th City Clinical Hospital named after M.Ja. Saŭčanka" with the tourist and excursion unitary enterprise "Bielarusturyst" continues. 

For the third time in this half of the year, members of the trade union organization went on an excursion tour with the UE "Bielarusturyst". This time there was an excursion to the city of Viciebsk, the cultural center of our country.

A trip to Viciebsk is an unforgettable journey to the most interesting city in Belarus. Viciebsk is the second oldest city in Belarus (after Polotsk), which is located in the northeastern part of the country at the confluence of the Vićba and Zachodniaja Dzvina rivers. According to the legend, it was founded in 974 by the Saint Equal-to-the-Apostles duchess Voĺha and was first mentioned in chronicles in 1021, before Moscow. Viciebsk got its name after the Vićba river, on the hilly banks of which it stands, and its history dates back more than a thousand years.

What did we see in Viciebsk?

Viciebsk is the birthplace of the world famous artist Mark Šahal. Throughout the life of the master, Viciebsk was an inexhaustible source of his inspiration. Domes of churches and old streets, miniature houses and shops with signs, ribbons of wooden fences and cabbies on the streets forever remained on picturesque canvases, along with his famous angels soaring in the sky and lovers... The Mark Šahal Museum opened for us the pages of the artist's life and work.

One of the best museums is the art museum. It was founded in 1992. There are stored paintings of many Russian and Belarusian artists, sculptures and other art objects. Various exhibitions are regularly held and interesting expositions are organized there.

And then there is the "Zdraŭnieva" Museum-Manor with its special energy. Apples in the Repin’s orchard fall at a glance. And the trees begin to pose – just touch the lens cap. In general, genius artists knew how to choose places for rest and creativity. Ilya Repin spent eight summer seasons here (1892–1900) and painted over 40 canvases, sketches and drawings of St. Petersburg.

Fueled by the energy of these places, we returned home happy and content.


O. Šablinskaja, chairwoman of the trade union committee of the HCI "4th City Clinical Hospital named after M.Ja. Saŭčanka".