The excursion to the "World of ETERNAL WANDERINGS"

is organized on February 27, 2021 

Minsk – manor "The House of the Nomad" – Rest house "Lahojski" – Minsk


There are nations in the world whose life is an eternal wandering, a long way from refuge to refuge. It is not necessary to go to the distant steppes in order to get to know their culture and life. It is enough just to drive a few kilometers from the Belarusian capital – and so you can already feel like a  nomadic tribesman, touch the amazing traditions of the tribes and meet the friendliest dogs on Earth – adorable huskies.


10.30 – Gathering of a group, acquaintance with the guide, departure for an excursion. Travel information on the route.

12.00 – Arrival at the manor "The House of the Nomad" (Kasciuki village), where you can see white yurts of nomads already at the entrance. They are all completely different, and you will learn about the features of each home during our excursion program. In the Mongolian yurt you will be told about the hardships and advantages of nomadic life, the traditions and rituals that determined the internal and external appearance of nomadic settlements. You can also visit the tipi – a traditional portable dwelling of the nomadic Indians of North America. Like the Mongolian yurt, the tipi is designed to protect its owners from torrential rains and chilling winds of the plains, and the hearth located in the center helps to maintain heat even during severe frosts.

At the end of the excursion, you will meet with the friendliest dogs in the world – Siberian huskies! Huskies will not bite a human under any circumstances, and the secret of their good temper is hidden in the history of the breed, which the instructor will tell you about. These dogs will win your hearts at first glance with their charm, intelligence and complaisance, and the joy from the time spent with this wonderful creature will keep pleasant impressions from the trip in your memory for a long time!

14.00 – Departure to the "Lahojski" rest house for the entertainment program "Generous Maslienica". The interactive program with games, round dances, ceremonial activities and, of course, traditional Maslienica treats.

16.30 – Departure to Minsk.

17.30 – Approximate time of arrival in Minsk.