Trade union committee of the healthcare institution «4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka» organized the celebration in honor of Kazlovič Aliaksandr Michajlavič, the clinic veteran.

Aliaksandr Michajlavič is a veteran of the clinic and a veteran of the X-ray shock-wave distant lithotripsy and endoscopic surgery department. He works in the department as an engineer for the maintenance and repair of the УРАТ-П unit with an X-ray guidance system since its opening in 1991.

The X-ray shock-wave distant lithotripsy and endoscopic surgery department  was created together with the formation of a new urology direction in our country – distant lithotripsy and endourology. The department is tooled up with modern equipment and instruments. Endoscopic surgery and remote stone crushing have become indispensable methods of treating urological patients.

The engineer A.M. Kazlovič provides great help in this deal. Thanks to his knowledge and golden hands, he makes the work of the operating room uninterrupted and contributes to the operation of the devices.

The trade union committee, the administration, the department staff expressed their deep gratitude and honored their veteran for his conscientious and long-term work for the benefit of people.

Honor and praise to our labor veterans!