Talented people are talented in everything!

The profession of a nurse requires complete dedication. It implies great physical and mental stresses, a risk to life and health and, beside that, a huge responsibility. Therefore, random people do not stay for a long time in nurses, there remain those for whom the opportunity to give people the most valuable thing – health, without which life is not a joy – is an urgent need.

Liudmila Arkadźjeŭna Dyčuk works as the head nurse at the healthcare institution «4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka». She is a nurse by vocation that has gone the way from the operating room nurse, the senior nurse of the surgery department to the head nurse.

Due to the specifics of our work, a nurse must have considerable diplomatic talents. Only by working hand in hand with a doctor and colleagues it is possible to achieve respect, high authority in the team and among patients.

Liudmila Arkadźjeŭna is a professional of her craft. Having extensive experience, she is engaged in training young professionals. You will work with people as you have prepared them!

This is especially true today, when the whole world stood up for its population against the coronavirus.

Serving people is the highest meaning and purpose of the noble and selfless work of nurses. For this, skill, knowledge and efficiency are not enough, you need a real vocation, selfless dedication to your work, a constant desire to alleviate suffering of others, the ability to put yourself in the patient's shoes, the desire to help the patient's speedy recovery and participation in the prevention of diseases, the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

Organized, tactful, and also talented. She does sports in her free time and thus gives an example for the hospital staff. Also she has a hobby: these pictures are embroidered with her skillful hands.

And today, on the eve of the holiday, we would like to congratulate all the nurses and our Liudmila Arkadźjeŭna and wish her good health and success in all spheres of life.