The trade union committee of the healthcare institution «4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka» held a competition «The best trade union leader 2020»!

The objectives of this event are identifying the qualities of leadership, motivation, dedication among the trade organizers, providing support to the best trade union organizers, ensuring public recognition of their activities, raising the status of the trade union organizer, spreading the successful experience of active work to other trade union groups.

It was important to determine the best trade union organizer, whose work makes a great contribution to the development and consolidation of the trade union team. The competition stimulates trade union organizers to realize leadership abilities, improve professional level and exchange experience, identifies trade union organizers that work creatively, raises the status of the trade union of the healthcare institution «4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka».

5 trade union leaders fought for this title. During the competition, the participants went through examinations.

The first stage of the competition was «The best trade union board». During the competition, the trade union board of the structural unit, the timeliness of the material submission and the decoration were assessed.

Then the competitors were tested for their knowledge of regulatory legal acts related to the activities of the trade union organization.

One of the competition stages was the visiting card or «The self-portrait». Participants told about themselves, their achievements and hobbies and answered questions from the jury.

The «Blitz» stage was the most unusual. The participants used knowledge of regulatory legal acts and the ability to orientate in an extreme situation. Within a minute the contestants had to give as many correct answers to questions as possible.

Tamara U. Chadasievič, the trade union organizer of the laboratory diagnostics department, was the winner of the competition.

As a result of the competition, all participants received diplomas and trophies!