The primary trade union organization of the healthcare institution «4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka» together with the tourism and excursion unitary enterprise «Belarustourist» has organized an excursion tour to the Biarezinski reserve for the hospital workers. 3200 Belarusian rubles were spent from the funds of the trade union budget.

The tour participants visited the central estate of the Biarezinski reserve, the nature museum «Animal world of the reserve». Installations of stuffed animals and paintings are located in the halls of the Museum. These are roe deer, beavers, badgers, foxes, bears, bison and rare bird species.

Traditional folk festivities, such as Maslenitsa, ritual songs, games, dances, numerous competitions with prizes, burning a straw effigy of Maslenitsa, riding a carriage and, of course, traditional food and drinks gave each of us a lot of positive emotions and a sense of celebration.

Tourist trips at the time of Maslenitsa have become a good tradition for our team. The number of participants is growing every year: our veterans and young people attend such events with pleasure and interest. After all, our main task is to do everything possible for the work and the rest of our employees.