More than five thousand children of health workers in Minsk will soon sit down at school desks, including 1845 first-graders. According to the established tradition, on the eve of the school year, trade union committees of healthcare institutions help families, whose children are going to first grade, large families and families with disabled children, and this year many committees have decided to help all workers who have schoolchildren. Material assistance from the funds of the trade union budget to workers whose children go to first grade and large families amounted to 57 624 rubles. Employers also have not left this category of workers without help; this norm is fixed in collective agreements. In the current year, material assistance has amounted to more than 134 270 rubles around the city.

On the eve of the knowledge Day the primary trade union organizations of the city healthcare institutions supply schoolbags not only for their employees. For instance, in the healthcare institution «4th City Clinical Hospital» the trade union has supplied schoolbags for children who are in the social and pedagogical center of the Maskoŭski district of Minsk, where children are temporarily kept without parents.

The trade union committee students of the Belarusian State Medical College will congratulate the children who receive medical treatment in the «3rd City Children's Clinical Hospital» with the beginning of the school year.