The trade union organization of the healthcare institution «4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka» summed up the results of the children's drawing contest «We Glorify Moms!»

We glorify moms, beautiful with their souls,

Kind in heart, leisurely,

Not angry and not proud

Chatty and rebellious,

Tender, devoted, tired,

Concerned, happy,

More often cute, less quarrelly,

Our miraculous women!

Participants of the contest, children from 4 to 16 years old, put all their love and tenderness towards the most dear person – mother, and expressed their love in the drawing.

Mother is the most beloved person. How desired it is to give her the best gift for March 8, so that she feels the warmth of our loving heart!

So often we feel lack of kind words to express our love and appreciation.

March 8 is an amazing day. On this day mother should feel how much we love her.

Of course, before the holiday, every child thinks: what to present mother on March 8? What a holiday can be without flowers and gifts for mom made by yourself.

After all, mothers appreciate not the quality of work of their baby, but his efforts. Therefore, any picture is always rewarded with mother's praise and joy from what she saw.

Congratulating mother, this dear, beloved, close to the heart person, it is very desired to make a special impression on her by presenting something special, non-standard, something that is not like anything else. At the same time, «torments» are accompanied by small doubts: how to draw a gift for mother in the way that the congratulation would look beautiful, original and would not turn into a mediocre and cheap caricature? Despite all the seeming complexity of this process, as it may seem to people which are far from art, this task is quite feasible if you approach it with patience and desire.

Our competitors approached the contest seriously, creatively.

The winners are Pančanka Palina, 12 years old (dad – surgeon M. Pančanka), Aryna, 16 years old (mother – Druhaviec Natallia, nurse of the urological department № 2), Lazarčyk Jaŭhienija, 12 years old (mother – senior nurse of the hemodialysis department).

All contest participants were awarded with sweet prizes from the trade union committee.

A.A. Šablinskaja, chairman of the trade union committee of the healthcare institution «4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka»