30 young specialists joined the employees of the healthcare institution «4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka» Every year the trade union committee and the hospital administration face the question: how to help young staff to join the team, adapt in a new workplace and make the first workplace last.

To consolidate young staff in the hospital, every opportunity is used to improve the socio-economic situation of young specialists. Young employees have been awarded contracts with a fixed 50% surcharge, as well as additional payments for the complexity and intensity of work – up to 50% of the salary. The collective agreement provides for additional benefits and guarantees, which are material support for young professionals. In particular, employees are paid a monthly bonus, a monetary reward for a professional holiday, on the occasion of marriage, the birth of children, and the purchase of a booking document to recreation. The collective agreement has a clause that provides material assistance at the expense of extrabudgetary funds and funds of the material incentive fund for partial compensation of expenses for renting housing for young specialists according to the Regulation on material assistance.

According to the approved plan, for two months young specialists will be trained in ethics and deontology of medical workers, they will get acquainted with the Collective Agreement, the rights and guarantees for young specialists, and the sanitary-epidemiological regime. After a solemn meeting with the hospital administration and the trade union committee, the event «Initiation into the profession» continued at the National Library.

A tour of the temple of science was the beginning of a long journey in medicine. We hope that our youth will become a worthy change, and we, for our part, will do everything possible to make the hospital a second home for them.