Trade union

Trade Union of the Healthcare Institution «4th City Clinical Hospital named after M.Ja. Saŭčanka» of Minsk.

The main purpose of the trade union organization throughout the entire period of the hospital’s activities was to protect the professional, labor, social-economic rights and legitimate interests of union members, сontribute to increase of their living standards, improve working conditions and safety.

By implementing public control over the observance of labor legislation and labor protection standards, the trade union organization sought to improve the collective-contractual regulation of social labor relations, the development of constructive interaction and social partnership.

Special attention is paid to the creation of safe working conditions for the clinic employees to work with ionizing radiation sources. The first places in review contests on the best organization of labor protection in the city of Minsk and the Republic are a reward for protecting the health of employees and confirming hard work in this area.

The trade union organization takes active part in resolving issues related to all aspects of the hospital's activities: regulating labor relations, remuneration and encouraging employees, establishing a favorable work and rest schedule, creating optimal and safe working conditions, protecting workers’ health, organization of medical care, spa treatment rest, improvement of living conditions, social protection of working youth, organization of mass cultural, physical-fitness and sports work, festivities, professional competitions, amateur performances, etc.

The basis of the trade union organization comprise 30 trade union groups of hospital structure units with a trade union active of more than 120 people. The union consists of 99% of employees.

The control and auditing commission of the primary organization of the trade union of the hospital has been headed by Zambržycki Ihar Jaŭhienavič for more than 15 years.


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