Hemodialysis is a blood purification procedure through a semipermeable porous membrane using an apparatus “artificial kidney”.

It is indicated for acute renal failure, poisoning with drugs, poisons, marked abnormalities in the electrolyte composition of blood, marked excess of fluid in the body that cannot be eliminated conservatively, etc. But most of all, people with chronic renal failure of stage 5 need it. The apparatus takes on the function of non-working kidneys: it eliminates excess fluid, leaches urea, toxins from the body, normalizes blood pressure, electrolyte balance and stabilizes the acid-base balance.

Depending on the functionality of the apparatus, various types of dialysis are possible:

  • Conventional (traditional) is carried out on low-flow dialyzers with a membrane area of ​​1.2-1.4 square metres, 1.5-1.7 square metres, 1.8-1.9 square metres. Molecules of small diameter pass through such a filter. Blood flow 200-300 ml/min., the duration of the procedure is 4-5 hours.
  • Highly effective hemodialysis using high-flux dialyzers with a membrane surface area of ​​1.4-2.21 square metres. Blood in them moves with a higher speed of 350-500 ml/min., dialysate 600-800 ml/min., which increases the efficiency of the procedure. Such membranes filter substances with a higher molecular weight. The composition of substances removed from the blood increases, which avoids a number of complications.
  • Hemodiafiltration online. Traditional hemodialysis uses diffusion processes, with hemodiafiltration (HDF), in addition to this, convention. This allows to remove a larger spectrum of toxins from the blood, it is possible to avoid complications such as amyloidosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

GDF online involves the use of ultra-pure dialysate, which is prepared directly in the hemodialysis apparatus. GDF online reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications, allows to control blood pressure and anemia more effectively. Removal of fluid occurs more gently, of toxins more effectively.


Program hemodialysis is contraindicated in agonal condition, irreversible multiple organ failure, irreversible mental disorders, malignant neoplasms with multiple distant metastases, and refusal of the patient from treatment.

The hemodialysis department carries out hemodialysis procedures using various types of dialyzers, hemodiafiltration, isolated ultrafiltration.

The work of the department is associated with the work of other departments of the institution and the kidney transplantation department of HI “9CCH”.

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+375 (17) 286-14-85 (department head, interns' room)

+375 (17) 208-75-24 (senior nurse)


Sińkievič Ala

Head of hemodialysis department

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The phone of department: +375 (17) 286-14-85