Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest treatment systems in the world, its history goes back more than three thousand years.

In the 4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka there is a cabinet of traditional Chinese medicine, the reception is conducted by a neurologist, reflexologist of the highest qualification category Suščenia Aliena

Graduated from Minsk State Medical University, Preventive-treatment faculty in 1998;

She graduated from internship in neurology at the 5th City Clinical Hospital in Minsk, clinical traineeship at the Department of Neurology of BelMAPE, a master's degree in clinical acupuncture at the International Institute at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and a doctorate at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

She defended her doctoral dissertation in China — "Study of the effectiveness of integrative methods of Chinese medicine in the treatment of Bi-syndrome (osteoarthritis)". In 2009, she was awarded the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences (MD, CHINA).

Since 2000 she works as a neurologist, reflexologist at the Republican Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy. Has the highest qualification category.

Lecturer at the Department of Physiotherapy BelMAPE. Author and co-author of more than 25 publications and 10 teaching aids.

She is a leading specialist in the Republic of Belarus on methods of apparatus traction therapy of the spine, possesses various methods of reflexology used in traditional Chinese medicine.

In her work, Aliena uses the following methods of Chinese traditional medicine:

  • classic acupuncture
  • auriculopuncture
  • auricular reflexotherapy
  • electropuncture
  • electroacupuncture
  • laser puncture
  • chiu therapy (moxibustion using wormwood moxa)
  • vacuum reflexology
  • pharmacoreflexotherapy, including with homeopathic medicines
  • carboxy reflexotherapy
  • massage.

Indications for treatment are diseases:

  • of musculoskeletal system and spine
  • of central nervous system
  • of circulatory system
  • of respiratory organs
  • of digestive organs
  • of genitourinary system
  • injuries of the peripheral nervous system and diseases of the surgical profile.