Vascular surgery is the branch of medicine that is growing rapidly and allows to expand the possibilities of modern medicine and replace the traditional surgery. Modern vascular surgery refers to the minimally invasive types of surgery.

Modern technologies allow to carry out operations within the vessels, which allows to talk about intravascular or endovascular surgery.

Initially, endovascular technique was designed for diagnostic purposes. Typically, endovascular surgery technique involves transdermal catheter insertion into a large blood vessel. Most often femoral artery or vein is used for this purpose, which is accessed in the area of inguinal fold. The tip of the inserted catheter has radiopaque properties which allows to monitor the progress of the catheter in the vessel.

Main areas:

  • Surgical treatment of varicose veins (including using a surgical laser)
  • Iliac peripheral arterial thrombembectomy with a Fogarty catheter
  • Autovenous femoral-femoral, femoral-popliteal shunting
  • Femoral-popliteal shunting using a prosthesis
  • Resection of abdominal aortic aneurysm with a plastic bifurcation prosthesis
  • Bifurcation aortic-femoral shunting, with Leriche syndrome


Klimčuk Ivan

Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery

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