12 May 2020


The profession of a nurse requires complete dedication. It implies great physical and moral stress, risk to life and health, and, in addition, a huge responsibility. Random people do not linger in this profession. Only those people remain there for whom the ability to give people the most valuable thing – health – is an urgent need.

Liudmila Arkadźjeŭna Dyčuk works in the healthcare institution «4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka». She is a nurse by calling, she has made her way from an operating nurse, a senior nurse of the surgical department, and now works as a head nurse.

Due to the specifics of the profession, a nurse must have considerable diplomatic talents. You can gain trust and respect from patients only by working hand in hand with a doctor and colleagues.

Liudmila is a professional in her field. With extensive experience, she is engaged in training young professionals. And the main motto of the nurse is «You will work as you prepare!». This motto is especially relevant now, when the whole world is struggling with coronavirus.

Serving people is the highest meaning and purpose of the noble and dedicated work of nurses. For this, only skill, knowledge and performance are not enough. This requires complete devotion to the work, a constant desire to alleviate other people's suffering, the ability to put yourself in the patient’s position, the desire to help the patient recover as soon as possible, as well as participation in the prevention of diseases and the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

Self-disciplined, tactful, and also talented Liudmila Dyčuk does sports in her free time and thereby sets an example for hospital staff. The favorite amusement of the head nurse is pictures embroidering. On the eve of International Day of the Nurse Liudmila Arkadźjeŭna prepared an exhibition of her works.

Sviatlana ZYLIOVA

Photo from the archive of the publication heroine

The text was provided by the Information Work Department of the Minsk City Committee of the Belarusian Healthcare Workers Trade Union