15 October 2021


In order to increase the level of public safety, intensify fire prevention work, analyze its effectiveness and assess the preparedness of territories for the autumn-winter fire hazardous period, from October 18 to October 29, 2021, the republican action "Together for Safety" (hereinafter – "action") to prevent fires and deaths from them in the housing stock is being held.

The purpose of the action: reducing the number of fires occurring due to violation of fire safety rules in residential buildings and structures, settlements and territories, incl. in rural areas; raising the public awareness about the state organizations possibilities to provide fire safety services; strengthening the rule of law; prevention of offenses committed by citizens in a state of intoxication.

Objectives of the action:

1. To inform the staff and patients about the fire safety conditions, to explain to citizens the consequences of fire safety rules violation, leaving children unattended, and alcohol abuse.

2. To provide assistance in training citizens in fire safety measures in everyday life and at work; to provide assistance to freelance fire brigades in organizing fire prevention work.

The Ministry of Health instructs to take part in the action, during which it is necessary:

 - to post information on the purpose and objectives of the action, the time and algorithm of its holding, as well as to distribute leaflets on the prevention of fires and deaths from them, including in the autumn-winter fire hazardous period, on the Internet and at the information stands of the hospital;

- to take part in the conduction of the individual instructional and explanatory work (with an assessment of the living conditions safety) within the work of the supervision commissions (in compliance with anti-epidemic measures) among families, in which children are in a socially dangerous situation, lonely and living alone elderly citizens and disabled people, citizens using their homes for drinking alcoholic beverages, as well as for gathering persons leading an antisocial lifestyle, elderly citizens living with persons of antisocial behavior;

- to conduct explanatory work in labor collectives with the involvement of employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations on the questions of life safety, fire and other emergencies prevention, actions in case of their occurrence.