8 September 2021


     On September 17, 2021, on the occasion of World Patient Safety Day, WHO urges all interested parties to “Take urgent action to ensure a safe and decent childbirth!" The theme for World Patient Safety Day will be “Safety in the care of mothers and newborns”.  About 810 women die every day from preventable causes associated with pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, about 6,700 newborns die every day, accounting for 47% of all deaths in children under 5 years of age. In addition, about 2 million stillbirths are recorded every year, more than 40% of them occurred directly during childbirth. Given the significant burden of risk and harm that women and newborns face as a result of unsafe health care, exacerbated by disruptions to essential health services amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this campaign takes on even greater importance this year.

Fortunately, most stillbirths and maternal and neonatal deaths can be avoided by ensuring safe and quality care provided by skilled health workers, who, in turn, have a favorable working environment. But this can only be achieved by engaging all interested parties and building integrated health systems and approaches at the community level.

World Patient Safety Day was established in 2019 with the aim of deepening global understanding of patient safety, enhancing public participation in delivering safe health care and promoting global efforts to improve patient safety and reduce patient harm.

Goals for World Patient Safety Day 2021

  1. Raise global awareness of maternal and newborn safety, especially during childbirth.
  2. Ensure broad interested parties participation and adopt effective and innovative strategies to improve maternal and newborn safety.
  3. Urge all interested parties to take urgent and systematic action to provide those who do not have access to health care with medical coverage and to ensure the safe delivery of health care for mothers and newborns, especially during childbirth.
  4. Advocate for the adoption of best practices in the points of care to reduce preventable risks and prevent harm to all women and newborns during childbirth.




 The material was prepared on the basis of the WHO information.