3 May 2021

The best enterprises named and the board of honor is updated in the Maskoŭski district

The solemn event to honor the organizations and institutions of the Maskoŭski district, recognized as winners of the 2020 socio-economic competition, was held in the building of the district administration, as the organizers told the correspondent of Minsk-News.

According to the results of 2020, nine enterprises were named the best. Their names are placed on the regional Board of Honor. The 4th City Clinical Hospital Named after M. Saŭčanka is among them.

It should be noted that the fulfillment of the main target indicators of the socio-economic development forecast by the enterprises is taken into account while determining the enterprises that can be entered on the Board of Honor.

In addition, there are prerequisites. For example, there shouldn’t be industrial accidents at the enterprise.


The source – Minsk-News