7 June 2019

From July 20 to August 9, documents to the budgetary studying form at the educational institution «Minsk State Medical College» for the specialty

2-79 01 08 medical diagnostic business are being accepted, selection of applicants for getting secondary medical education on the basis of targeted training of specialists is being carried out.

REFERENCE: The basis for participation in the competition for secondary medical education on the basis of targeted training is the target training agreement drawn up in the established form in 3 copies and signed by the applicant and the healthcare institution «4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka» having the need for specialist training. To draw up a target contract for admission to a medical college, an applicant personally submits a passport and certificate of completion of a general education institution to the human resources department of a healthcare institution. In the case when the applicant is under 18 years old, the presence of one of the parents with a personal passport is required.

The Medical laboratory technician profession


A medical laboratory technician is an important, interesting profession in demand.

A medical laboratory technician is a specialist who carries out timely, high-quality necessary laboratory tests to diagnose diseases and monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

The work of a medical laboratory technician is the conducting of general clinical, biochemical, hematological and cytological laboratory tests; sanitary and hygienic investigations of environmental objects; microbiological diagnostics of pathogens of infectious diseases, etc. The medical laboratory technician can work at completely different places: at polyclinics, at universities, as well as at medical and scientific laboratories, helping researchers and doctors to conduct research.

For more detailed information contact 207 37 80 (Human resources department, Voĺha Ŭladzimiraŭna).