14 December 2020

The President visited the 4th City Clinical Hospital of Minsk today. Aliaksandr Lukašenka went to the "red" zone and asked personally if everything was enough to treat patients with coronavirus infection. And also talked to the staff of the hospital. The clinic is designed for 888 beds, and 70% of them are given to patients with COVID. However, the hospital continues to provide all services in its profile, although in a smaller volume. And this is one of the requirements of the belarusian leader – not to forget about people with other diseases who also need treatment. The 4th Hospital has been operating for 60 years. Today it is a leading medical and diagnostic institution that provides care in the field of urology, nephrology, surgery and cardiology. In the first wave of the epidemic, the hospital was re-profiled to fight COVID-19.

Treatment of patients with COVID is under the control of the President

Aliaksandr Lukašenka, President of the Republic of Belarus: "We should understand that besides COVID patients, there are plenty others: cardiovascular, diabetics, and oncology. Therefore, you are doing the right thing that you help people with other diseases. The most important thing is to maintain in these beds. It is undesirable to expand. According to statistics, 0.31 % of people (not even a percent) have to be returned back. This is a good indicator. In other words, a good system has been developed, and it is desirable to maintain it so that cancer beds are not re-profiled for COVID. Russian medics predict a surge in cancer in their country in the coming years: against the background of the pandemic, there are fewer preventive measures are carried out. We need to monitor this issue. The population should be examined so that we can detect malignant tumors and other diseases in time."

The capital's clinic became the fourth in terms of the number of visits by the head of state during the active fight against coronavirus. Previously, Aliaksandr Lukašenka has visited the 6-th City Clinical Hospital of Minsk, Stolbtsy Central Regional Hospital, and also Vitebsk Regional Maternity Hospital. Today's meeting was about vaccination.

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Source: https://www.tvr.by/news/prezident/a_lukashenko_o_lechenii_covid_19_vyrabotana_khoroshaya_sistema_vazhno_ee_uderzhat_/