Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation

Kuliašoŭ Mikalaj Viktaravič

Head of Department

+375 (17) 207-37-38

Department's phones

Doctors lounge

+375 (17) 208-58-83

Doctors lounge of the urological building

+375 (17) 207-37-76

Head nurse

+375 (17) 242-01-94

The activity of the 4th City Clinical Hospital anesthesiology and resuscitation service started from the moment the clinic was opened (1960), and the stages of its development are determined by the increasing need for anesthetic support of surgical interventions and intensive therapy for critical conditions. In September 2007, after the reconstruction of the main building, the department was equipped with modern equipment that allows to minimize operational and anesthetic risks and to provide qualified respiratory support and intensive therapy for critical patients. In subsequent years new high-tech equipment appeared.

In total, 32 doctors work in the department, 8 of which have the highest category, 8 have the first category, one employee has the degree of candidate of medical sciences.

Currently, the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation is a highly qualified team, ready to solve any set tasks, having modern knowledge and dedication to the chosen profession. This is a huge work experience that is passing on to the younger generation of employees who preserve and enhance the traditions of previous generations. This is the kind memory of tens of thousands of people saved and returned to a full life and the guarantee of a successful outcome for the current and future patients of our clinic.

About 7000 anesthesiological aids are carried out by department employees annually, and about 2500 people are treated in intensive therapy wards (18 beds).