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Медицинская сестра (старшая)

+375 (17) 242-04-30

Кабинет врача 1 пост

+375 (17) 242-85-19

Кабинет врача 2 пост

+375 (17) 242-85-34

Пост 1

+375 (17) 242-63-16

Пост 2

+375 (17) 242-63-06

The rehabilitation department (for patients with pathology of the heart and blood vessels) was opened on 25.04.2018. This is the youngest department of the 4th Сity Сlinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka. The rehabilitation department (for patients with pathology of the heart and blood vessels) has 60 beds and is intended for medical, physical, psychological and social rehabilitation of patients with a cardiovascular profile using the clinic's rehabilitation base.

4th Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, there is a physiotherapeutic department, an exercise therapy room, where exercise therapy instructors deal with each patient individually, depending on his rehabilitation potential.  As a rule, as part of physiotherapeutic treatment, a combination of magnetic laser therapy and bioelectromagnetic energy regulation is used. The complex of rehabilitation treatment includes various methods of physiotherapy exercises: morning therapeutic exercises, breathing exercises, therapeutic dosed walking, training walking, training on an exercise bike and treadmills. For each patient, a combination of two or three exercise therapy techniques is individually selected.

The department conducts comprehensive diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients after reconstructive operations on the heart and blood vessels after myocardial infarction. Rehabilitation programs are compiled in accordance with the national recommendations for the rehabilitation of cardiac patients, developed at the state institution RSPC “Cardiology” of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. This allows to successfully implement the principles of medical rehabilitation: early start, staging, continuity, succession, complexity and an individual approach. The cardiological rehabilitation program is aimed at restoring the body’s previous abilities, vital processes, social activity and working capacity, as well as, first of all, preventing the risk of recurrence of cardiovascular disease and the development of serious complications in the future.

A young, progressive team has been formed in the rehabilitation department (for patients with pathology of the heart and blood vessels), in which highly qualified cardiologists with specialization in rehabilitation work.