Рентгеновское отделение

Махиничева Евгения Владимировна

Head of Department

Department's phones

Head of Department

+375 (17) 208-63-57

The main task of the department is the effective use of x-ray diagnostic equipment to determine the treatment and diagnostic process.

The X-ray department has been functioning since the first day of the 4th Clinical Hospital work and is the base department in the diagnostic process.

The department is equipped with new modern x-ray diagnostic devices with digital processing of x-ray images.

The employees of the X-ray department carry out the whole range of necessary x-ray studies, both routine and special, used in urological diagnostics, in the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiology:

  • X-ray examinations of the chest organs
  • X-ray examinations of the abdominal organs (digestive organs)
  • X-ray examinations of the osteoarticular system
  • X-ray examinations in urology.

The x-ray department employs qualified specialists who have knowledge of all modern methods of performing x-ray examinations.