Clinical diagnostic laboratory

Рыжикова Ольга Васильевна

Head of Laboratory

+375 (17) 208-47-35

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Senior paramedic assistant

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Clinical diagnostic laboratory is a powerful structure that allows to perform general clinical, hematological, immunological, biochemical studies with the aim of establishing and confirming the diagnosis of a clinician as well as laboratory monitoring during surgical interferences and in the postoperative period quickly and efficiently.

The laboratory is a regular participant of the Federal External Quality Assessment System. Intralaboratory quality control is carried out daily. The clinical diagnostic laboratory of the healthcare facility "The 4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka” is a multidisciplinary diagnostic service. As parts of the laboratory there are a planning department, an emergency analysis service, the laboratory for patients of the healthcare facility "The 15th City Polyclinic".

Today, the institution’s laboratory is equipped with modern analytical equipment produced by world leaders in the field of laboratory equipment and analytical technologies.



Biochemistry analyzer AU-480

Due to its productivity - 400 tests per hour (up to 800, including electrolytes) – and the capacity of the reagent rotor, which allows working simultaneously with 63 methods, the Beckman Coulter AU480 biochemical system is an ideal basic analyzer for laboratories.



ACL TOP 300CTS is a modern system for evaluating coagulation parameters with maximum process automation and extensive research capabilities, and is optimal for laboratories with a hemostasis flow of about 150 samples per day and express laboratories.


Roller 20 PN

Roller 20 PN is an automatic closed-type analyzer for determining ESR. The patented measurement technology is based on the assessment of the aggregation ability of red blood cells by capillary microphotometry using the kinetic method.


Urine analyzer URiSCAN PRO-II of YD Diagnostics Corporation firm (Republic of Korea)


The tasks of large laboratories in conducting a clinical analysis of urine are effectively solved by the high-performance automatic urine analyzer on URiSCAN PRO test strips. The countdown of the incubation of the test strip with urine is automatically controlled. This circumstance eliminates the influence of the human factor on the result of the study and increases the productivity of the device.