Vascular surgery department

Klimčuk Ivan Piatrovič

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+375 (17)286-19-52

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+375 (17) 208-58-82

According to the order of the Health Care Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, the Department of Vascular Surgery was opened on February 3, 2003 on the basis of the Healthcare Institution “The 4th City Clinical Hospital named after M. Saŭčanka”. The main task of the created department was to provide emergency and planned angiosurgical care to residents of the city of Minsk.

The Department of Vascular Surgery provides both planned and emergency specialized care to patients with pathology of the aorta and major arteries, various combined forms of lesions of the arteries, as well as patients with venous pathology. The department performs surgical interventions of a planned and emergency nature, high-tech and hybrid operations on the aorta and its branches, main arteries, laser operations for pathology of the venous system.

The department also provides emergency advisory assistance to hospitals in the city of Minsk. Doctors of the department, if necessary, perform emergency surgical interventions in all surgical departments of the city.

The Department of Vascular Surgery has two advisory rooms that receive patients daily according to the referral of health care facilities throughout the city of Minsk.

Since 2011, the city center of vascular surgery was organized on the basis of the Department of Vascular Surgery.