Рurulent surgery department

Kopać Aliaksandr Anatoĺjevič

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+375 (17) 208-38-90

The department of purulent surgery with complicated vascular pathology is a structural subdivision of the Public Health Institution “4th City Clinical Hospital”. The department has 50 beds and works 24 hours a day. The department provides highly qualified planned care for patients with purulent and necrotic complications requiring reconstructive operations on the vessels, with obliterating diseases caused by congenital and acquired pathology of the aorta and its branches, as well as venous pathology. High-quality in-patient surgical care is provided to patients with purulent surgical diseases, outpatient consultative care for patients with angiosurgical pathology, accompanied by purulent and necrotic complications.

Modern methods of diagnosis and surgical treatment of purulent diseases and purulent necrotic complications of vascular diseases are constantly being developed and introduced into clinical practice. These methods are based on the achievements of science and best practices.

In the department, reconstructive operations on the vessels of the lower extremities are performed together with the doctors of the city department of vascular surgery, and mini-invasive surgical interventions on the vessels are performed together with the staff of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center “Cardiology”. The provided mini-invasive surgical interventions are: stenting and angioplasty, reconstructive operations on the arteries of the lower leg and foot in case of obliterating atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus, as well as transplantation of live donor allografts to patients with infection of synthetic vascular prostheses in various anatomical and functional pools, removal of varicose veins of patients who have varicose veins complicated by trophic ulcers using a laser, an intraoperative ultrasound transducer and further autodermoplasty.