Otorhinolaryngology department №1, №2

Ražkova Aliaksandra Uladzimiraŭna

Head of Otorhinolaryngology Department №1

+375 (17) 286-19-50

Otorhinolaryngology department №1, №2

Tolmachevets Olga Alekseevna

Head of Otorhinolaryngology Department №2

+375 (17) 208-64-36

Department's phones

Otorhinolaryngology No. 1: Doctor's lounge

+375 (17) 286-19-50

Otorhinolaryngology No. 2: Doctor's lounge

+375 (17) 207-37-42

Otorhinolaryngology No. 2: Advisory room

+375 (17) 207-30-84 (c 09:00 до 13:00)

Otorhinolaryngology No. 1: Advisory room

+375 (17) 286-19-50 (c 14:00 до 15:00)

An otolaryngologist (ENT) is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the ear, throat and nose. The department is equipped with the necessary modern tools and equipment to provide specialized otorhinolaryngological care both in a planned manner and according to emergency indications. The department’s staff, along with planned highly specialized medical care (surgeries in a planned manner), provide emergency otorhinolaryngological care to patients with various uncomplicated and complicated forms of ENT pathology.

For more than 20 years, hospital doctors have been carrying out effective treatment of acute and chronic ENT diseases and reliably eliminate the causes of their occurrence. On the basis of the department, there is a department of diseases of the ear, throat, nose of Belarusian State Medical University, which is currently headed by an assistant professor, MD Zataloka Paviel Aliaksandravič.

All types of operations on the ENT organs are performed: operations on the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses are performed under the control of an endoscope, rhinoseptoplasty to restore respiratory function through the nose; throat surgery, including tonsillectomy under general anesthesia, larynx microoperation using a microscope. Laser operations are performed as well (using the Fotek laser). In practice, laser, endoscopic and microscopic techniques are widely used.