Admission Department

Čučkova Ala Uladzimiraŭna

Head of Department

+375 (17) 242-36-55

Department's phones

Reanimation 2 post

+375 (17) 242-36-32

Reanimation 1 post

+375 (17) 242-36-40

Hospital Registry

+375 (17) 242-36-53

The admission department is a centralized admission department and carries out hospitalization of both emergency (round-the-clock) and planned patients. The work of the department is organized at the modern level on the basis of the principle of “separation of flows”, when the provision of medical care begins directly at the intensive therapy beds of the admission department.

In the admission department there is a registry, emergency room with a diagnostic ward, an X-ray operating room. There is also a clinical diagnostic laboratory with the ability to conduct biochemical, general clinical and hematological studies. An X-ray room, gynecological room, ultrasound room, endoscopic department.