26 August 2021

Good afternoon, dear friends!

A new heading "Active Longevity" has appeared on our website.

Modern realities show that the population of our planet and, in part,  the Republic of Belarus is steadily aging. On the planet, there are currently over 800 million people over the age of 60, and by 2050, their number will reach 2 billion.

In the popular mind, aging is certainly associated with lack of energy, sagginess, poor health and limited physical and social activity. Moreover, with age, one becomes vulnerable due to loneliness, chronic diseases, depression.

In fact, there are many pros associated with aging. Today, we invite you to talk about how interesting and colorful aging may be. In the past, healthy aging was associated solely with the absence of diseases. The modern view of successful aging includes physical, psychological, social well-being, an active social and spiritual life, financial independence from younger relatives, a desire for new knowledge, a sense of humor, a well-kept appearance and the opportunity to have a hobby.

What to do with the negative changes that occur in the body during aging, can they be slowed down? As it turned out, yes! Physical activity, rational nutrition, rejection of bad habits and positive thinking contribute to healthy aging. You need to use your free time to master new methods and techniques of health improvement, acquire new hobbies, improve your educational level, including in third-age universities.

The presence of moral support for older people from family and friends is particularly noteworthy. And of course, here comes medicine! You need to pay attention to your health and periodically undergo preventive examinations.

One of the primary tasks of medicine is not only to treat existing diseases, but also to prevent them. The health of elderly patients is on doctors-geriatricians. Geriatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the elderly.

All of the above can be combined with the wonderful term "Active Longevity".

That is what we want to name a series of publications about the work of doctors-geriatricians, rational nutrition, physical activity, safe environment and much more, which will help in your personal achievement of active longevity. The articles will be published regularly on a monthly basis. You can find us on the official website of the HCI "4th City Clinical Hospital named after M.Ja. Saŭčanka" https://4gkb.by.

We hope that our articles will be of interest not only to elderly people, but also to their relatives.