The 4th City Clinical Hospital named after M.J. Saŭčanka is a leading world-class multidisciplinary hospital and one of the recognized leaders in the field of medical tourism.

  • We have extensive experience working with foreign patients and offer treatment in the best hospital in Minsk without intermediaries.
  • We employ highly qualified specialists and use modern medical equipment and technology.
  • We offer reasonable healthcare prices to the citizens of Belarus and foreign citizens.
  • We provide high quality standards of healthcare delivery confirmed by international certificates.

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This question will be answered by an anesthetist who will examine you on the eve.

For your safety, it is very important that the stomach is empty before surgery and anesthesia. An empty stomach significantly reduces the risk of aspiration, a rare but very dangerous complication. Aspiration occurs when the contents of the stomach enter the lungs, causing damage to them. You can protect yourself if you strictly follow the recommendations of your anesthetist. As a rule, you should not drink and eat after midnight a day before surgery. The exception is patients who are prescribed by the anesthetist to continue taking the tablets a day before surgery. In this case, tablets can be washed down with a small amount of water.

The possibility and extent of surgical intervention is determined by the surgeon after examining the patient and inspecting the results of laboratory and diagnostic examinations. Thus, in order to obtain objective information, it is necessary to obtain the consultation of a specialist doctor.

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